Tuesday, May 04, 2010

So I bought this chair that was flat out hideous for only $5..
and TRIED to give it some pizazz for another $10!!

Chair: $5
3 Cans of Spray Paint: $8.31
Fabric: $2 something :P

: $16 or so :)

Here are the pictures...

(Here is the whole chair)

(The previous fabric)

(Tried to sand it down and my husband said "If you're going to spray paint it.. why are you sanding??" Luckily I only sanded part of it!! :P )

(Painted silver.. It's pretty bright!!)

(Covered and ready for the next color)

(Ran out of paint before the first coat was done!!)

(Showing Crystal the new fabric)

(Maybe I should stick with the old fabric! J/K!! :P )


(Stapling the new fabric to the seat)

(Nice and fitted!)

(Look how cute my owls are!! :D )

(All Done!)

I think it came out okay. I'm still not convinced it looks right.. mainly because of that bright silver..