Sunday, May 24, 2009

Okay.. so I thought I was going to get attacked by the BIGGEST water bug I have EVER, EVER, EVER seen in my life just now.. I'm only terrified of two things.. SPIDERS and waterbugs, junebugs and huge bugs, bugs and more bugs! I have seen both today! A spider on the door when I got home, and now this disgusting thing! Thankfully Lewis (Crystal's husband), was still awake.. I am so grossed out and paranoid right now!! I don't think I'll be able to sleep.. I'll probably sit here scratching and double checking each and every wall to make sure some bug isn't in here..


Still my favorite shoes!

Crazy Praying Mantis on the Sidewalk (Trying to Kill Folks!!)

From the Plane.. (SEA to DFW)

My old apartment/townhome!

Pretty Vases @ World Market


So I was told to put some pictures up, that I think are okay for you to view. I'm sorry if they aren't to your liking, as I'm probably the only one who does. :P I'll post more pictures each day.. anything that I feel like you should see that is. :)

Friday, May 22, 2009

I bought a couch. I don't think anyone likes it but me though.. :( So here is a picture of my couch, it's the only furniture item I own!! (for now)

Anywho, the only person going to read this thing is Crystal, who I think is mad at me.. I read a post where it said I didn't say happy mother's day to her.. I could of swore I did.. SO I'M SORRY IF I DIDN'T!! IT WASN'T ON PURPOSE!! STOP BEING MAD AT ME!!!!! I gave her a card, kinda late.. cause I had it for two weeks in my drawer.. then when I was looking for something I saw it.. so I'm sorry for that too!! :(

There.. I have officially attempted to blog. If I ever post on here again, I hope it's readable. Sorry it sucks!