Friday, May 22, 2009

I bought a couch. I don't think anyone likes it but me though.. :( So here is a picture of my couch, it's the only furniture item I own!! (for now)

Anywho, the only person going to read this thing is Crystal, who I think is mad at me.. I read a post where it said I didn't say happy mother's day to her.. I could of swore I did.. SO I'M SORRY IF I DIDN'T!! IT WASN'T ON PURPOSE!! STOP BEING MAD AT ME!!!!! I gave her a card, kinda late.. cause I had it for two weeks in my drawer.. then when I was looking for something I saw it.. so I'm sorry for that too!! :(

There.. I have officially attempted to blog. If I ever post on here again, I hope it's readable. Sorry it sucks!



The Peralta's said...

Ok. I wasn't mad. You know me, If it had REALLY bothered me, I would have mentioned something. It did hurt my feelings a little bit though. But I'm over it now. :D

And your couch... I said I liked it. :) I wonder if all your future stuff will match it. :D

Almakopey said...

I doubt they will lol.. but it's all good! :)

Kimberly said...

I just wanted you to know that Crystal is not the only one who will ever read this post because I just did. :) I used to have a chair just like that couch. I wish I still did so I could give it to you.