Sunday, July 18, 2010

Umm.. this is my small stash of fabric. I actually can't find some of it.. which more than likely it's in a box somewhere!! But I'm not hunting through boxes right now looking for ANYTHING!
Sorry Crystal! :P






~Hearts & Zebra Print

~Zebra - It changes colors through the length


~Solid Purple, B&W Skulls, Solid White, Cupcakes!

~Fat Quarters

~Random (from a swap), Penguins, Butterflies

~Who loves satin?? Me!! :)

~Some vintage (from a swap), Seersucker, Linen (<3)

~Random (<3>

~Cupcakes, Plants, Sheer Flowers.. :)

~Sheer Flower (from above picture)

~MORE SATIN!! (I want to make a dress or nice top out of this one)

~More Fat Quarters


The Peraltas said...

I like the black one with the white and light blue flowers!! And all the vintage ones too!

Angel said...

I love your fabric! The second vintage, the one labeled "plants" between the cupcakes and flowers.

You have a good eye. I always pick stuff that everyone else says it ugly lol

*found you through Crystal's blog btw. :)

House of Smith's said...

Thanks for all the info about the cute cereal holders :)
You're awesome!!! :)

The Peraltas said...

What cute cereal holders?? :) You need to blog more!

Lillabilly said...

Hey! Vintage fabrics ROCK! : )