Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Sooo.. I'm way behind for an update... but that's nothing compared to Crystal!!! HAHAHAHA!!!

Okay.. so in the past month I have gotten married, and purchased a house! My hubby is in the Army, and will be getting out in 2 months! So we can not live in our house until then which really blows!


Our house needs some work, but nothing too major.. Really it's just cosmetic.. paint, landscaping.. etc.. OH.. and a porch SWING! My only real demand.. lol

We were married at the Justice of the Peace on October 10th, 2009.. in Killeen, TX because my husband is stationed at Fort Hood, TX. We are going to have an actual wedding next year on October 10th, 2010! 10-10-10!! :) So that way all of our friends and family will be able to attend and so I can wear a dress! :D

So far for the wedding I have not planned anything.. other than the date of course! I need to find a ceremony and reception place that we will both love before I can plan anything else.. because if I don't.. then I will spend hours and days looking at other things instead.. like dresses, favors, and cakes.. OH MY! I think this wedding is going to be really DIY! Because we are on a budget.. of which I don't know the amount... lol That will come later I guess.. after we move and start our jobs.

Our house!

Well I think that's it for now. I think I'll start posting regularly now, since I've got a life now! lol


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The Peralta's said...

Hey! I wish I was there when you got married! The picture would have been great if it was just a little more focused... and the house looks CUTE! can't wait to see pictures of the inside!!!