Thursday, August 26, 2010


I've been needing a pincushion forever now, but I've been too lazy to actually sew one. So this is a NO SEW pincushion! :)

Fabric (of your choice)
Mini Pail (OR anything you want to use that is sturdy.. i.e. mug, cardboard box, dish.. anything REALLY!!)

Scissors (or pinking shears)
Hot Glue Gun (cold might work too, mine does both!)
Rubber band (any size is fine, mine are tiny and plastic)
Large Fistful of Stuffing (I used Poly-fil from Hobby Lobby b/c it's cheap! Only $2.99 for a good size bag)

(Gather your supplies!)

(Cut your fabric about 3 to 4 times the size of your pail or whatever you chose to use)

(Ball up your stuffing really tight)

(Stuff your stuffing into the middle of the fabric you cut. Gather the sides of the fabric and pull it together tightly to form a ball)

(Make sure your stuffing is not poking out, shove it down in there with your finger or pen/pencil/marker)

(Wrap your rubber band around the excess fabric until you can not wrap it anymore and you have a firm stuffed ball)

(Take your hot or cold glue and coat the bottom half of the walls of your container with it and quickly stuff your fabric ball into it, the excess going in first of course)

(Push it down in there and make sure none of the excess fabric is poking out. If there is any of the excess sticking out.. push it down into the sides before the glue cools off)

(Now push apart the ball and the container and start gluing between them, not too close to the top though AND be careful NOT to burn your fingers!! Do this all the way around. Check for any excess glue on the sides and rub or peel it off)

(Now poke your sewing pins into the top and use!)

(Cute owl! :D)

I want to decorate the outside of mine, but I'm not sure if I want to use ribbon or stickers or what yet. The blue one is for Crystal! :) (Sorry I didn't take pictures while making hers!)


The Peraltas said...

Love it!! You can make a bunch and sell them for extra money.... or for money!! lol That's a cute idea!!!

Angel said...

Cute! I like your little heart pins too

Lillabilly said...

I love it! These make the cutest gifts ever.