Thursday, September 02, 2010

Lock 'N Lock

Two weeks ago we went to Texas, to my best friend Crystal's house warming party. While we wer there we went by my Great Aunt Donna's house. We talked for a bit while she showed us all of the new stuff she's gotten since I was last at her house (almost 10 years ago!!). One of the things she showed us was her
ORANGE Lock 'N Locks! They are super cute and she told me how amazing they were. When we were on our way back to Oklahoma, she texted me and asked what color I wanted! :D So my choices were clear, pink, light blue, purple and some other color I don't remember. So I asked Daniel blue or purple (just like I asked Crystal blue or purple on the pin cushion thing lol)!! A few days ago.. my (I mean our...) PURPLE Lock 'N Locks showed up at the door!! :D What a great surprise to get after a long drooling day at school.. lol..

Well here they are!! :)

(All of them out!)

(All of them tucked away!)

:) I think they are awesome! Hence the post lol!! :)


The Peraltas said...

HEY! Those are awesome! what an awesome surprise from her!! Are you using them for food storage OR crafts?!

Cassandra said...

Food storage.. She told me to get rid of the old stuff I have lol..

Angel said...

It's a pretty purple, and your blog looks awesome!

The Peraltas said...

Some one needs to update!!

Mary EH! said...

WAAANTTT. I LOVE the purple!!