Thursday, October 21, 2010

I ♥ Your Blog!

I signed up for this cool swap on Swap-bot where you have 7 partners and you visit their blog, read it, choose what you like the best and then post about it on your own blog and of course link everyone to that person's blog. :) So here are the partners I had.. I did everyone I was supposed to send to, as well as receive from, because this is just a fun swap!

Here you go... Enjoy!!!

El Blog de Jex by Jessica (this swap's host)
She has a fun blog where she posts about swaps she signs up for and she links us to lots of sites with things that are cool or interesting or you just flat out have to have! :) She also has a cute pincushion tutorial similar to mine! Great minds think alike Jex!!! :)

Keeping up with the Joneses by Kimberly
Kimberly is a very sweet SAHM who posts about her life and some great giveaways (so we can try to win too)! She is a great painter and even posts pictures of her work. Her paintings are very beautiful and I bet you will love them as much as I do. :)

Hedgehog + Rabbit by Lindsay
Her blog has a lot of Etsy's Treasury where she is showcased! How exciting that must be.. to have your items on the front page! :) I love her cute brooches.. My favorite is a tie between the pomegranate and the acorn. They are both beautiful and she is quite talented!

HippoFairy by Jen
Jen shares about her life living in Los Angeles and all of the food and cool things she gets to experience living there. She also posts about swap-bot which is my new found love! :) I love her story of how she came up with her name HippoFairy. Check out her blog to find out why!

Amberingz by Amber
My heart goes out to this woman and I don't even know her! She tells about her life and how she makes it through regardless of any stuggle that tries to knock her down. She also posts things she has made and let me tell you.. she knows how to use some spray paint!! :) I never knew you could use spray paint for all of that! Now I need to make a trip to Lowe's!! :)

The Sweet Maple Life by Mary
Mary tells about her quest to become a full-fledged Canadian! How exciting is that? I think very! :) She also tells us about her through lots of cute questionnaires from various other blogs, some of which I already follow! She is also a digital scrapbooker.. something I have always wanted to look into!.. I think I should tell my best friend about that.. :)

Riechanster by Valerie
Valerie is a student architect who posts about her life and some of the swaps she signs up for. I love her Photograph Fridays and find them very inspiring! Her tutorials are cool.. especially when it involves food.. like the one she just did on Japanese Mochi.. I'm going to try that one day.. first I need to find that rice flour!!

Memories Through Quilting
Memories Through Quilting by Vicki
Vicki shows us pictures of her lovely quilts and quilted items she makes. I have never really thought about quilting before, but now I have a great blog to look to for inspiration and some great information on how to! :)

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Only in Cambodia by Nikki
Nikki shows us her day to day life in Cambodia. I wish I could live somewhere as exotic and amazing as Cambodia. Her pictures of life there are so intriguing and her stories make me want to read every post!

Sanity's Overrated by Amber
Amber lets us in on her life as a SAHM! We get to hear what she thinks and her views on things through pictures and links to some great sites. She even shows us her crafts and she also lets her kids craft with her! How sweet is that? :)

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Rachel's World by Rachel :)
Rachel tells us all about her life and her love for crafting. She shows us pics of the cute things she makes and of some quirky things like cats with weapons! How can you not love that? I like that she links back to tutorials she has found, so we can craft too!

Miss Muffcake by Kendy
Kendy shows us some great vegan recipes and product reviews of things she has personally tried out! She also posts some cool skull pics and links to some cute tutorials like these cute fabric flowers. So cute!

Kimmity Kim by Kim :)
Kim posts about her day to day life and lots and lots of Kawaii! I absolutely love her bright red hair and wish mine looked like that again.. long and red... Ahhh.. those were the days!! I love all of the Kawaii pictures she posts and again.. wish I had some of my own.. :)

CF Chai by Rachel
Rachel's blog is about her life and she has lots of nice quotes posted which are very inspiring! A lot of her blog is in another language and it makes me want to learn it so I know what she is posting! So interesting and quirky at the same time! Love it! ♥

Hopefully my blog will be as amazing as theirs are one day! ~Something to look forward to!~ Hope you liked everyone's blogs as much as I did. :)


Riechan said...

Thanks for the nice comment ^^
I hope you find the rice flour! and good luck with the recipe ^^

Jex said...

Thank you very much for joining to my swap and for your kind words =)

The Peraltas said...

You forgot mine....

Cassandra said...

But you don't swap Crystal! :P It was only for a swap! :)

The Peraltas said...

I can swap something... lol I swap spit with Lewis....


The Peraltas said...

just kidding...

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the kind words! The other language in my posts is Mandarin. I will try to put in english translation for my mandarin post in future :D

Cassie said...

How much fun is this!!! Looks like I have some new blogs to visit!!!