Friday, February 04, 2011

Got Hoot?

Today I received this hand carved owl stamp from Donna (dmarie) for the Profile Based OTT swap on I would have gotten this for my birthday if we weren't snowed in!

I tested it out as soon as I got it.. and then when I was almost done with the letters I realized that I don't have any punctuation stamps!! :P

This pic also made my THIRD pic for my 365 set!! Now I just need to make a note to keep up with it!

I also received this awesome paper garland for the swap - Ultimate Year of Happy Mail #27 ~Mini Garland from CArollinbabe. I love the colors!! Now I have something on my walls! :)

Maybe my next post will be more interesting.. MAYBE!! :D


Angel said...

I love the owl stamp and I would totally use fabric paint and stamp it on everything I own lol. I am SO happy you are posting again! :) Happy belated birthday!

The Peraltas said...

That's a really evil looking owl! lol But I like it!

I like the garland too.. Those are the colors I have in mind for the guest room... lol

More pics. More pics!! More pics!! LOL