Thursday, February 03, 2011

Paper Garland

Today I made some paper garland! It's my first attempt, so please don't be too harsh! I made them double sided.. so it can be displayed on whichever side.. or it can have every other one different. I thought they were too plain so I added a bunch of glitter around the edges.. and now you CAN'T see the SCALLOPS!! :( Maybe I went overboard with the glitter.. Guess it's better than not enough!! :P

First pic is the second in my 365 series.. and the other two are just showing the paper print of each side. :)

2/365 : Paper Garland


Crosses or X's.. whatever you think! :

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The Peraltas said...

Those are pretty!

I have been wanting to make a paper garland with the girls for Valentine's day but can't drive anywhere to get the paper!!!

We did but these little thingy ma jiggs that Isabel made... I haven't posted about it yet because I need to print out photos but haven't had a chance to drive to wally yet... :P